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Video Interviewing: 8 Unwarranted Concerns

“Sigh, my company has asked me to look into testing out video interviewing,” groaned the HR manager.frustrated-758722_640

“Ugh, I’ve been invited to complete a video interview,” whined the job candidate.

As a recruiter or HR professional have you been putting off or ignoring video interviewing? As a job candidate, does your stomach twist and turn when you’re invited to complete a video interview? Relax, here are a few things you may be worrying over needlessly and why you should not.

HR Manager:

Video Interviewing costs a lot.

Video interviewing is actually pretty cheap. Far more affordable and less time consuming than conducting a phone screen. High volume users can conduct video interviews for less than $10 per. You can review five candidate videos in less time than it takes to conduct one phone screen, for less than $40. How much time and money would you spend to schedule and phone screen five candidates?

Video interviewing is difficult to learn.

Login, type in the candidate’s name and email address, choose the group of job related questions you want them to answer, click send. Now sit back and wait for the candidate to take the virtual interview. While most video interviewing vendors offer training, many systems are designed to be intuitive which means training, if any is required, is minimal.

Video interviewing will disrupt my hiring process.

If you conduct phone screens then video interviewing simply takes the place of the phone screen and since it is recorded, you don’t have to rely on handwritten phone screen notes. Plus, unlike a phone screen, you can share the video interview with others and view it repeatedly. If you don’t do phone screens, then adding video interviewing will save you time by eliminating candidates prior to the face to face interview.

Video interviewing will replace our face to face interviews.

No, video interviewing’s purpose is not to replace the face to face interview but to streamline your hiring process so that you interview in-person only with candidates you feel fit culturally with your organization’s values.

Job Candidate:

Video interviewing will discriminate against me.

Actually video interviewing does not have feelings and thus doesn’t care whether you get hired or not. However, if you have experienced discrimination in the past based on your resume then video interviewing gives you a new way to shine and break down barriers. Frequently candidates who were previously disregarded based on their resume were screened back in after their video interview was viewed.

I don’t look like Denzel, Gisele or Chris Hemsworth.

Just because you are on camera doesn’t mean you need look like a movie star. Webcams don’t actually add ten pounds. Dress professionally of course but don’t feel the need to spend an hour with make up or primping your hair. Often the most real people are the ones who get the nod. For instance I once showed a hiring manager the video interview of an exhausted job candidate who had completed a virtual interview at one in the morning after a twelve hour workday. The hiring manager watched his video for two minutes and then personally called the candidate up before the interview even stopped playing, to offer the candidate an interview.

I don’t want my interview posted to YouTube.

Video interviews are not downloaded and thus can’t be posted to YouTube. They are stored and watched on secure video servers. Your fame or notoriety will come another day.

I want to interview face to face, not over a camera.

Video interviews are not intended to replace your face to face interview, usually just replace the phone screen. You may still get a face to face later in the process. The added benefit is knowing that if they call you in after seeing and hearing you on camera, then you know they really do like you. You aren’t wasting your time.

Do you have more concerns? Send them my way and I will address each one.

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Ryder has more than 10 years of experience working with retained search clients as a search professional. As a pioneer of Interview4 he has great knowledge of video interviewing. He writes about all things hiring and looks forward to engaging with his audience on topics of leadership, recruiting, candidate screening, and employee satisfaction. Follow him on Twitter: @hireintelligent and @cullison1

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