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Team Building Is Not About Games

When most people see the words “Team Building” they immediately think of some ridiculous exercise where one person falls backwards while another person catches them. Or maybe you think about some ridiculous survival scenario (your plane crashes in the desert all you have is some motor oil, plastic sheets, and a candy bar what now) […]

The HR Manager Pulls A Fast One

Working with a new client, our first assignment was to create a behavioral benchmark of their highest performing sales professionals. This benchmark is used to determine whether a job candidate possess the behavioral traits necessary for success in the job and in the company as a whole. Our contact, the HR Manager, provided the email […]

Why Do Employees Quit?

An article in the Gallup Management Journal indicates that while about 50% of people leave for better pay or career advancement 37% left either because of bad management or a lack of job fit. That means over one third of your turnover is probably preventable. What is the big deal? “The U.S. Bureau of Labor […]

Resume Overload

With so many people on the hunt for jobs you would think a recruiters life would be easier, and in many ways it is. There is no shortage of qualified candidates applying for jobs. This creates an interesting situation for recruiters. Instead of picking through 10 or 15 resumes and finding the 2 or 3 […]

Retain your recession Hires!

Keep ‘em Happy! In February 4.8 million people lost their jobs. However, 4.3 million people secured new ones. Despite the recent recession, companies are still hiring. Because so many are looking for work, hiring managers discover that finding candidates is easy. Having an ample pool of candidates from which to choose does have a drawback […]

Recession A Wake-Up Call For Gen Y-ers?

Recently I read an article about the workforce problems with Generation Y and the sense of entitlement they often carry as a chip on their shoulder when entering your organization. Gen Y-ers, those born between 1978 and 1993, are quickly discovering in this economic downturn that youth is less valuable than hard work and ambition. […]

Culture misfit results in high attrition

In a blog over at Marshall Goldsmith discusses the high rate of executive turnover in today’s business environment. “Over 64% of new CEO’s (whose data is most readily available) fail to make it through their fourth year in their job, while 40% are gone in 18 months.” –Marshall Goldsmith Marshall makes some excellent points […]