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Is your hiring process as long as the NCAA tournament?

I love the NCAA basketball tournament!  Why?  Because it is thrilling!  Who doesn’t like to see two teams battle it out for the coveted title of National Champion, especially when you often have a “David” knock off a “Goliath.”  A little underdog team who has no business of even being in the tournament, suddenly rises to the […]

How to avoid hiring Charlie Sheen

Unless you’ve been in outer space in the month of March, at least one news story about the train wreck called Charlie Sheen has reached your ears.  Once what seemed like a dandy hire for CBS, soon became a publicity horror show when news of Sheen’s repeatedly bizarre and questionable behavior hit the airwaves.  Sheen’s […]

The two greatest recruiting challenges today!

Talent Technology recently surveyed 369 recruiters and HR professionals and asked them to rate their toughest recruiting challenges.  The top two challenges cited are finding good candidates and filling positions fast. Finding good candidates is a problem?  Aren’t there boat loads of candidates looking for jobs these days?  Of course they aren’t all good, but […]