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Dating and Recruiting: How are they similar?

What is dating really other than the agreement of two people to begin the process of getting to know one another in an informal atmosphere to determine if interest enough exists to move forward in a relationship? What is recruiting really other than the agreement between two or more people to begin the process of […]

Job fit: Who wins?

Job Fit:  Who Wins? Our company has a vision of getting everyone into a job in which they “fit”.  By fit we mean that the employee’s skills, talents, likes, dislikes and personality will be positively received and utilized.  That they will encounter opportunities to contribute and will receive positive reinforcement from the environment, the management […]

Is your health a factor in getting that job?

A new form of discrimination? In the past, though it may be distasteful to consider, hiring managers discriminated against people on the basis of their age, ethnicity, gender and even if they had a disability.  Fortunately many of those practices have lessened in recent years but a new form of discrimination could be rearing its […]