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Bad hire? Stop blaming HR!

I recently read a great article called, “10 Ways to fix a broken Corporate Recruiting System.”  Point number six suggests that the person with responsibility over the hiring process should be the Hiring Manager not Human Resources.  Each year companies look for ways to improve employee retention by promoting cultural fit through the use of […]

Job Fit Increases Job Satisfaction & Employee Loyalty!

Paul Studebaker, Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Plant, an online information resource and community dedicated to advancing the sustainability of manufacturing and other industrial operations recently posted an article discussing the key performance metrics companies use to measure the success of their initiatives.  Paul went beyond profitability, noting “many companies are setting targets and tracking their accomplishments […]

The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity, according to some, id doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different result. A post over at The HR Capitalist titled “But Kris, That’s the Way We’ve Always Done It!” deals with just such a situation in a real work environment. Teams, just like individuals, get stuck […]

Trying to get hired? Don’t forget these two important tips!

If you’ve been job hunting you’ve no doubt experienced a great level of frustration as you’ve received repeated rejections either after submitting your resume or after the interview process.   Presumably you’re doing everything you should such as submitting a well formatted resume with no typos, researching the company to whom you are applying, and dressing […]

Telecommuting can cut costs, but not every employee is right for it!

Economic woes and increased stress on workers are a few reasons why many HR leaders are looking further into telecommuting.  The offer of telecommuting is one more way to attract top candidates wishing to spend less time commuting and more time at home.  According to a 2008 report by the Families and Work Institute, three […]

Finding the right personality for effective global leadership!

Today more and more companies are learning that not only do their employees need the proper skills to succeed in their job, they need the right personality to fit-in and succeed in their company’s culture.  How do you deal with this issue however when your company’s reach is global and expands across many different cultures? […]

Hire Outside Your Comfort Zone

A great post from Kris Dunn at discusses the merits of hiring an artist for a regular job at your company.  This got me thinking about the way many of our clients have selected candidates over the years.  Most of our clients, whether consciously or unconsciously, hire people just like themselves. While it is […]

A “Thank You” Gets More Done

Science has recently proven what most of us should already know, saying thank you motivates people. In an article on Compensation Cafe Derek Irvine explores a recent study on the value of a simple thank you. The study had a fictional college student, Eric, ask 69 people for feedback and help on a cover letter. […]

We video interviewed before video interviewing was cool!

Video-Interviewing is one of the hottest trends (or should I say coolest) in corporate recruiting.  In short, video-interviewing allows hiring managers and HR professionals to screen or interview job candidates over the Internet using a webcam.  The process cuts down on the costs associated with hiring and saves the hiring team tremendous time.  It also […]

Recognize and Utilize Talent in Your Employees

A successful business needs talented employees. Good news, you have those already. Now it is up to you to recognize the hidden talents in your employees and help them develop their full potential.  Your employees and your bottom line will thank you. Over at Work Happy Now! guest poster Mike King has written a great […]