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Video Interviewing: How do candidates feel about it?

Each year more and more organizations look for ways to make their hiring process more productive by cutting costs and hiring candidates more effectively.  One solution receiving a great deal of coverage in online blogs and discussion groups is automated video interviewing. One-way, automated video interviewing allows the candidate to screen themselves online with their webcam. […]

Online criticism from your employees? What do you do?

Recently the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Hispanics United of Buffalo after they fired five employees who publicly aired their grievances about Hispanics United’s working conditions.  The incident started when an employee stated on their Facebook page that other employees did not do enough to help the nonprofit organization’s clients.  This prompted […]

Finding employees or Making employees?

“Find” your employee or “make” your employee? Nine percent of the country is unemployed, thousands of very talented candidates are looking for work, yet according to Manpower’s Talent Shortage survey, 52% of employers cannot find people to fill their “mission-critical” positions.  This is an increase of 14% from last year!  Skilled trades people, sales representatives, […]

Tony Hsieh Builds The Perfect Working Environment

There is a great interview over at the Executive Street Blog with Tony Hsieh, CEO of  Tony is an amazing guy and he really gets why building a corporate culture is so important to the success of a business.  Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Your employees are leaving, and it might be your leader’s fault!

According to the 2011 Talent Survey by Aon Hewitt, 61% of more than 1,300 business professionals surveyed anticipate an increased focus on talent development in the coming year.  Forty percent believe there will be an increased focus on hiring, and one-third predict increased turnover.  These numbers aren’t hard to understand in light of the attitudes […]