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Employers Bear the Load of the Overweight Worker

I have written past posts on weight affecting a job candidate’s ability to land a job based on the notion that an overweight employee could more significantly impact a company’s  healthcare costs in comparison to a candidate of normal weight.  Gallup has recently released more research to substantiate this fact and many are calling for legislation […]

What percent of your employees are going to leave in 2012?

In 2010 nearly 900 high potential employees were interviewed. Twenty-percent said they planned to leave their employer in the next 12 months.  Are one in five of your best performing employees ready to bolt?  Could it be an even higher percentage?  One reason so many top performers consider leaving, according to the same survey, is […]

The One Chart Best Depicting the Great Recession’s Impact on Hiring

This chart, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is worth way more than a thousand words. It hints at the real impact of 8 million jobs lost. It shows the human toll of the unfettered greed and avarice in our financial system and depicts in meaningful terms the challenge before us. Take a close look. […]

Is a Lack of “Executive Presence” Impeding your Career?

Is A Lack of “Executive Presence” Impeding Your Career?             A report from the Center for Work-Life Policy, a non-profit research organization recently found that though they are highly ambitious and motivated, Asian professionals are unable to reach senior positions at their companies.  According to Asians in America: Unleashing the Potential of the ‘Model Minority’, […]