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What Do the Oscars and Video Interviewing Have in Common?

If you’re into movies as I am, you eagerly anticipate every year not only who will win an Oscar but even who gets nominated.  The Oscars, much like your interview process, is all about choosing the best of the best and we enjoy identifying that person.  Each actor, much like a job applicant, is trying […]

Why use Video Interviewing? Reasons May Vary.

Video Interviewing provides many hiring advantages, but determining who can best benefit from which advantage may not be readily apparent.  Here are two cases showing first why a Human Resources professional and, second, why a hiring manager should use video interviewing.  If you are in HR one of your assigned tasks is to find quality […]

Who’s responsible for Job Fit, the Job Candidate or the Company?

Recently I read a post entitled “What Do You Get from a Job besides a Paycheck?” which discussed various questions a candidate should consider before taking a job.  Here’s a quick list of the author’s suggested considerations.        Does this role provide the opportunity to develop my career?       Are the company’s values and philosophy in line […]