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Video Interviewing: Why Early Adopters are Cooler!

What is an early adopter?  An early adopter is one of the cool kids in school you always wanted to be who took risks in fashion and technology that set them apart or ahead of the herd.  Their choices while perhaps questionable at the time later became popular and mainstream.  An early adopter is the […]

Not Getting the Job? It’s Nothing Personal or Is it?

What do hiring managers most want to learn about a candidate during the face-to-face interview?  If you asked a job candidate they would probably say the hiring manager wants to know if they have the necessary skills to do the job.  If you asked the hiring manager they might agree.   But I have spoken to […]

Can Video Enhance Your Structured Interview?

If you hadn’t heard there are a whole lot of people out of work these days (approximately 13 million) and hiring companies, especially the high profile ones, are literally overrun with job applications.   The Wall Street Journal reported that last year 7.6 million job seekers applied to the 65,000 open retail and corporate positions advertised […]

Physiognomy? What it is and How it can Help You Hire.

When I first heard of Physiognomy I had no clue what it was nor could I barely pronounce it.  In short, Physiognomy is the belief that a person’s personality can be determined by their facial features and shape of their skull.  Popular in the 19th century, the practice of Physiognomy was discounted for most of […]