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The Most Important Diversity Issue Isn’t Race!

Or ethnicity, or gender or sexual preference. Which is not to say that these aren’t real and important issues. But in my experience as a manager, the most important aspect of diversity, in terms of impact on the workplace and productivity, is “thinking styles”. The concept of right brain and left brain thinking was developed […]

When does Hiring for “Cultural Fit” become Discrimination?

I have read numerous discussions over the past year in HR magazines and on Linkedin discussing the importance of hiring employees that match your company’s culture.  The reason being, if I have three equally qualified candidates from which to choose, clearly at that point I must hire the individual who best fits my organization’s culture.  […]

iPhone Hiring? Is Being Impractical Really the New Cool?

Video interviewing is a new technology getting noticed more and more among HR professionals and recruiters for its many benefits in helping organizations hire more effectively and affordably.  I like video interviewing.  I get all the benefits of it and have written  about it in the past.  I’m a big supporter of conducting video interviews.  […]

Discrimination: It is so Prevalent, Everyone Gets a Fair Shake!

We all know discrimination exists in the hiring process.  The primary concern is to give equal consideration to job candidates across different races, genders, ethnicities, and to those candidates from different age groups.  This is important because if organizations don’t give fair consideration to these groups then the HR department or hiring manager can get […]