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Is Your Job Search being Short Circuited by an Applicant Tracking System?

Is Your Job Search Being Short Circuited by an Applicant Tracking System? Do you get a lot of email?  I sure do.  All the notifications from my Linkedin groups, blogs, Google alerts, not to mention unsolicited email I get makes my Inbox more obese everyday.  On average I probably receive 50+ emails daily which is […]

Video Interviewing: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Fear!

I almost live and breath video interviewing and so for me understanding the benefits of this technology are as easy as understanding the health benefits of exercise.  But, like exercise, many people I have surveyed about implementing video interviewing are just as hesitant to get off the proverbial couch in order to better their hiring […]

Candidates: Don’t Take a Job because it Matches Your Qualifications!

This statement may raise a couple of eyebrows, especially considering that to suggest hiring someone on the basis of anything but their qualifications seems well…discriminatory.  Since 1987 workplace discrimination claims filed with the EEOC have increased by 50% and many have argued that to right the ship organizations must hire on qualifications alone.  Some argue […]

Would You Want to Work for You? The Dangers of Mirror Image Hiring!

I recently started a discussion on Linkedin regarding the prevalence of discrimination in the workplace which branched off, as discussions tend to, into a conversation about cultural fit and mirror image hiring.  I have already discussed the usage of “cultural fit” in hiring so I want to tackle what a few labeled as “Mirror Image” […]