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Mirror Image Hiring: An I/O Psychologist’s Perspective

A few weeks ago, Ryder Cullison of Hire-Intelligence, LLC wrote a blog post about the dangers of mirror image hiring. Mirror image hiring operates along the assumption that if I’m a successful employee, then I should hire employees who share the same attributes. As an I/O psychologist, I wanted to weigh in on what theory […]

7 Reasons Why Discrimination in Hiring is here to Stay!

Discrimination is here to stay.  Yep I said it.  The elephant is in the room and we might as well talk about him.  He’s called Discrimination and he just used the bathroom behind your desk!  Your office represents your hiring process and this behemoth called Discrimination is soiling it daily.  You could just tell the […]

“Cultural Fit” or Discrimination: Who is Right and Who is Wrong?

I am hiring for an enterprise sales executive.  I have reviewed dozens of resumes, video interviewed eight candidates, and interviewed in-person four of those.  Three of these four candidates are equally qualified and could be a great asset to my organization.  Who should I hire? For some of you scratching your heads I haven’t given […]

Video Interviewing On Track for Broad Adoption

Hire-Intelligence recently completed a survey of human resources industry professionals on the topic of video interviewing.  As the creator and provider of Interview4 video interviewing software, we were interested in gauging the current state of usage and adoption, as well as attitudes towards this new tool.  I’m pleased to tell you that Hire-Intelligence, along with […]