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5 Reasons Why Hiring Managers and Recruiters Hate You!

No of course they don’t hate you, the job candidate, anymore than a diamond miner hates the diamonds he finds.  But a diamond miner probably hates the process and at times while he’s looking for one precious stone he may despise all the other rocks getting in his way, especially the ones falsely posing as […]

Providing Praise in the Wake of Failure!

In 2008 Lolo Jones was streaking ahead of the competition on her way to a gold medal in the 100M hurdles when a misguided step destroyed her dream.  She stumbled on the ninth of ten hurdles and finished 7th.  She was on her way to gold but came away with nothing. Four years later Lolo […]

Mom and Pop: Is Your Team as Good?

Years ago a business school buddy sent me a cassette tape from a seminar that he had attended.  It was a presentation by an Israeli management professor, whose message was that we are all mis-managers.  His point was that everyone has strengths and weaknesses that get reflected in our work performance.  Each of us excel […]

Manufacturing Output is Great, so Why is the Manufacturing Workforce Shrinking?

I recently had occasion to take a look at the state of industrial employment in the United States.  From the perspective of total employment the story looks pretty grim — great grist for the doom and gloom media mill.  The following graph shows that industrial employment peaked in the U.S. in 1979.  In fact, according […]

Employee Perks You Might Want to Consider

I recently read an article in Human Resource Executive magazine about a little company based in Los Angeles that provided a 24/7 beer refrigerator to its employees.  Are you kidding me?  I’ll admit I don’t throw them back like I used to so access to a refrigerator full of Milwaukee’s Best isn’t as enticing as […]