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The Dangers of Hiring a “False Positive” Candidate.

According to a Careerbuilder survey, a bad hire can cost the hiring organization as much as $50K and most of these bad hires are attributed to the hiring manager either making a rushed decision or inadequate talent intelligence.  In essence they are hiring what is called a “false positive”.  A false positive is a candidate […]

Hiring: Is it Time to Worry About the One that Got Away?

Even if you’ve never been fishing you certainly have seen at least one time on television what I’m about to describe.  A fisherman strains, his muscles flex and the rod he holds is bent to its maximum potential as he reels in his prize fish.  He knows he’s got a big one.  If he catches […]

Manufacturing Employment Declines: The Canary in the Coal Mine for All Employment…Or Not?

I recently wrote a blog post detailing how America’s manufacturing output has continued to trend upward while the manufacturing workforce shrinks.  Growing productivity driven by advances in technology has allowed fewer U.S. workers to produce ever greater manufacturing output. Two recent articles suggest that the trend to lower employment as the result of technology advances […]