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Hire-Intelligence Unveils New Video Interviewing Features at 2012 HR Tech Show!

Hire-Intelligence LLC recently attended the HR Tech Conference in Chicago to exhibit the new features and benefits of Interview4, Hire-Intelligence’s video interviewing platform. Video interviewing’s popularity has grown dramatically over the past year as many organizations looking to maximize their recruiting efforts have turned to video interviewing to hire more efficiently and at less cost.  […]

5 Bad Reasons to Avoid Video Interviewing

Many of you have heard of video interviewing, some of you have tried it and others have stuck their nose up at it as a passing fad.  Whether video interviewing is the next lava lamp or the next TV time will tell but surveys show that right now video interviewing usage is on the rise […]

Too Lazy or Too Busy, You’ll Pay The Price For Not Screening Candidates Quickly

You’re hiring and you need to screen for the best possible candidates to bring in for those critical face-to-face interviews.  But for every week you add to your screening process you’ll see more good candidates snatched away by other employers.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in the current weak hiring environment, heavily impacted […]

Looking for a Job? 7 Biases Choking Your Chances!

Looking for a job?  Your super-duper resume, your academic pedigree, your pristine video interview, your years of experience and your vast list of gratuitous references count for little against the hiring manager’s bias. What bias you say?  Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s nothing personal, it’s just good business.”  Yeah that usually happens in […]