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Hey Recruiter, Video Interviewing Just Kicked Sand in Phone Screening’s Face!

I have a recruiting and executive search background and for me screening candidates prior to sending them on to my clients is very important.  Now, I understand many search individuals don’t want to use any tools that might screen out their candidates but I believe my success thrives on providing a service that delivers exceptional […]

Not Getting Hired or Promoted? Here’s Why.

I’m going to get straight to the point.  For this exercise I play the role of the hiring manager and you the reader are either applying for a job or are stumping for a promotion.  Here’s why I’m not giving it to you. I don’t like you – That’s why you’re not getting the job […]

4 Things Candidates Need to Know before the Big Interview!

As a job candidate, to have more success in landing a job you need to understand what it is the recruiter/hiring manager really wants to know.  Recent surveys of recruiters, search professionals and so on suggest that there are only four main questions to which hiring managers want answers: Can you do the job? Will you like […]