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Top 5 Hiring Regrets: What are Yours?

I read recently an interesting article called “The Top 5 Career Regrets” which ranked, according to responses gathered from several dozen people, the 5 most regrettable wrong turns these people made in the road called “Career”.  The article interested me a great deal because in a way I was comforted in knowing that I wasn’t […]

“Achieving” has an Evil Twin Brother!

Who likes soap operas, science fiction and superheroes?  That’s right, this guy!  Perhaps one of the most ludicrous and unintentionally funny aspects of any of these genres is the evil twin story line.  Not just that the hero unexpectedly has an evil twin but what makes the evil twin really absurd is the presence of […]

Establishing Trust: The True Beauty of Video Interviewing!

If you are in sales I am sure you have heard the mantra that people buy from people they like.  Successful selling is not always a matter of superior features and benefits but is rather the result of building a rapport with the buyer.  Getting people to like you is gained by looking them in […]