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Getting Hired: It is About Who You Are, Not What You Know.

Job candidates prior to an interview are often instructed with so many tips and tricks on how to nail a job interview that they wind themselves up so tight they can barely be themselves.  Articles on everything from how to dress, how to shake hands, the body language to use or not to use and […]

Hiring Woes? 5 Reasons Why Video Interviewing is your 2013 Silver Bullet

With a casual pull of the trigger a simple silver bullet could vanquish the mythical werewolf when all other weapons failed.  With a few keystrokes and the click of your mouse, video interviewing in the same fashion can solve many of the maladies plaguing your hiring process. Not convinced?  Here are five problems you are […]

6 Ways to Tell if a Robot is Coming for Your Job

Technology has had a major impact on human labor for centuries.  For example, Pony Express Rider doesn’t exactly have a bullet next to it on the list of “hot jobs”. Robotics is one of the more recent technological “revolutions” that has impacted the American workforce.  Some suggest that the stagnation in middle class wages is […]

The Free Market Mostly Doesn’t Work for Healthcare

I recently visited my doctor for an annual checkup.  His practice had recently computerized their records.  As he was going through my medical history he started laughing.  Perturbed, I asked him to explain.  He said “of all my patients no one has had nearly as many diseases and conditions as you, particularly the unusual stuff.” […]

Hiring Managers: 6 Symptoms of Poor Interviewing Syndrome

Bad hires cost your company a truck load of money!  According to a recent Careerbuilder study, 41% of surveyed companies indicated that bad hires cost their organization more than $25K while an additional 24% claimed bad hires cost them more than $50K.  This is a serious issue especially if you are the hiring manager responsible […]

Talent Shortage? I Think Not!

According to recent surveys by Manpower group nearly 49% of U.S. organizations are struggling to find employees for their mission critical positions even though the unemployment rate continues to hover near 8%.  The three most cited reasons are lack of applicants, the applicants’ demand for more money than is being offered and the lack of […]