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Accommodating or Assertive? You Aren’t Prepared for this Question!

Over the years we’ve had thousands of job candidates complete our Hire-IntelligenceAT behavioral assessment.  Though many have passed through our portal we are always interested in which behavioral questions will pop up in the candidate’s interview guide produced by the system after the candidate completes the AT. “When you have a customer convinced how do […]

Video Interviewing: Forget the Other Tips! Here’s the One You Really Need!

Last week I sat in a conference room with a search client presenting video interviews of four job candidates to my client’s President, CIO and VP of Human Resources.  All four candidates had taken an automated video interview during the preceding days and I sat poised to save my client’s time by breezing through the […]

Alleged Talent Shortage Caused by Corporate Selfishness?

Flipping through the recent copy of Human Resource Executive magazine I stumbled upon the results of a recent survey with the headline, “Aggravating the Skills Gap.”  An organization recently surveyed 494 employed adults and found that only 35% had received training and development to better perform their role within the last six months. Why are […]

Want to Discover a Black Hole? Just Apply to an Online Job Posting.

Do you know what a black hole is?  Basically a black hole is a spot in space that is so dense it creates a gravitational pull so powerful that not even light can escape.  In other words, once you get sucked in, you’re not coming out. Until recently black holes could be examined only through […]