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Hey HR! 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear Video Interviewing!

Right off the bat those in the Human Resources profession may take offense to my use of the word “fear” for surely so small a thing as a webcam does not scare them.  Search your soul though soldiers of compliance.  I’ve been a part of enough discussions both in person and online to have learned […]

Technology Doesn’t Discriminate, People Do!

I have spoken to numerous HR professionals at conferences about the benefits of video interviewing.  Most all get it, but as a few consider the implications of seeing a candidate on video before the face-to-face interview, a shadow of worry creeps across their face.  “Is video interviewing discriminatory?” they ask. Speaking facetiously, I don’t ever […]

10 Interviewing Tips for Gen. Y and Millenials

As a search consultant and video interview pioneer, I see a lot of interviews.  So if you’re looking to nail your next job interview, here is my advice to you. Show up on time – Prior to the interview, map out the interview location, determine how long it will take to get there and cushion in […]

5 Ways to Choose a Spouse Like You Hire!

According to census numbers for as late as 2009, the divorce rate in the U.S. hovers close to or exceeds 50% for all 50 states.  Basically when you enter into a relationship with another person you have a heads vs. tails shot of actually making it.  I could go into all the reasons why divorces […]