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Are Your Candidates “Sponge Worthy”?

Last week I was engaging in a discussion on Linkedin with one of our competitors about how video interviewing screens candidates into the hiring process and she brought up a point about screening candidates that I had not given consideration.  Here is what she said.  “In my own hiring I have also found that I […]

Recruiters: How to Sell Your Job Candidates with Video Interviewing

As a search professional I am commonly asked by others in the industry, “How do you use video interviewing in your search assignments?” Before I get to how, let me tell you why I use video interviewing in my search assignments.   I use it to help the hiring manager and other decision makers save […]

Need a Job? Introduce Yourself!

According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, 40% of all jobs that get filled go unadvertised but instead are filled through networking.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, when you take this 40% and then also include the percentage of jobs filled by candidates already known to the employer, this percentage […]

Learn to Answer Common Interview Questions

Mike Summers, from The HR Group, discusses the best strategies for answering the 5 most commonly asked interview questions. Find out what employers really want to know when they ask these interview questions. You are sure to have to answer at least one of these every time you interview. Now that you know how to […]

Who is Saying What about Video Interviewing?

You have heard me go on and on about Video Interviewing so maybe for a change you’d like to hear from some of your peers not trying to sell you anything.  The following candid quotes were provided by recruiters, search consultants and HR professionals who participated in our 2012 survey on video interviewing.  So as […]