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Hire-Intelligence Partners with SER National

Hire-Intelligence donates software customization and user licenses to SER National to provide job interview training for out of school youths.  The training will use the Interview4 video interviewing software, which will also provide a way for the participants to create a short introductory video that they can share with employers. Gloucester, Virginia (PRWEB) May 30, […]

5 Reasons Why Phone Screening is Doomed!

Phone screening is so simple isn’t it?  Once you have narrowed your pool of job candidates to say six or fewer, you simply pick up the phone and call those in whom you are interested to learn whether you want to bring them in for a face to face interview.  This saves the hiring manager […]

The Most Misguided Knock Against Video Interviewing.

Everyone who uses video interviewing does so because it can drastically reduce costs associated with hiring, speed up the hiring process and help managers make more informed decisions.  In short, video interviewing is more effective and efficient than traditional phone screening.  Aside from those late adopters so afraid of technology they still use rotary phones, […]

Is Discrimination Against the Uncool, “Ok”?

Recently the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, the trendy clothing retailer aimed at twenty somethings and younger, declared that he had no intention of designing plus sized clothes because overweight teens were not part of the “cool” crowd.  In other words he doesn’t want un-cool kids, the overweight and unattractive according to Abercrombie, wearing his […]