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Not Good at Hiring? Don’t Feel Bad! Neither was Google.

Google’s name lately has become so synonymous with success (if success is measured by how much money you make) that when they speak, people shut up and listen.  Recently Google’s VP of People Operations discussed a few of their past hiring failures.  As a proponent of video interviewing, part of his conversation really intrigued me. […]

What the NBA Teaches Us About Acquiring and Training Top Talent

I have written and ranted much in the last six months about the alleged talent shortage in the U.S. workforce.  I partly blame companies for not investing the money to train their current employees.  You see, companies who complain about not being able to find talent are unwilling to spend the dollars to train their […]

Five Lessons for Success We Can Learn from Children

My life doesn’t only revolve around hiring, video interviewing and recruiting.  I also commit a lot of time to coaching.  No, not coaching adults, coaching children.  As the father of a seven year old and a five year old, I have spent the last four years managing t-ball teams to success.  Yes, some of us […]