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Shortage of Workforce Talent or Just No Shortage of Discrimination

I have written a great deal about the shortage of talent within particular professions lately and I also have excessively discussed the prevalence of discrimination both in my blog posts and online.  I would prefer any week to write about one of these two subjects than regurgitate another “Six great tips for this” or “Ten Inspiring […]

“Cultural Fit” Hiring in Only 5 Minutes?

An international study by Cubiks of more than 500 organizations showed that 82% felt cultural fit was an important measure in the hiring process.  Additionally, 59% reported they rejected a candidate based on the lack of cultural fit, and seventy-five percent of the respondents believed cultural fit was a good predictor of success.  Sounds like […]

Is the Traditional Resume Dying in the World of Social Media?

This is a guest post by: In a world in which you can suddenly have an audience of many prospective employers with just a single upload of a resume, is the process of handing out your traditional paper resume becoming obsolete? It cannot be denied that social media is an extremely important part of […]

Want to be Permanently Unemployed? Take a Few Months Off of Work!

Recently a former colleague of mine worked on recruiting assignments for two different companies.  After submitting a pool of candidates for each assignment he quickly noticed similarities between two rejected candidates, one from each assignment, applying for two entirely different roles with two entirely different companies.  Each candidate had been unemployed for six months or […]