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Video Interviewing and the Disabled: Considerations

Whether you are building a house or always dreamed of doing so picture what you consider it might have.  Do you think about a grand staircase, a swimming pool, a large kitchen with an island and industrial oven?  Yes?  How about a ramp out front so that you can roll your wheel chair into the […]

Why So Hard to Find Talent? This Image Sums IT Up For You.

Look at the image above and really try to understand how broken the hiring process has become.  According to a 2013 survey by Manpower, 39% of employers in all industries were having trouble filling open positions.  The graph above explains why.  While positions are left open through selective “choosiness” do companies really consider the true cost […]

Job Rejections Piling Up? Chin up! It Happens Even to Billionaires.

Do you know Jan Koum and Brian Acton?  Like you I had never heard of them before last Wednesday.  A few years ago they both applied to and were rejected by Facebook.  The significance of this is that on Wednesday, February 19th, Facebook, the company that had years earlier rejected them for employment, bought Koum […]

Will A Higher Minimum Wage Spur More Effort to Lower Turnover?

Turnover rolls along at high rates and at a high cost to employers.  Rates run as high as 35% in the hospitality industry. Costs, according to research by SHRM, can be as much as “60% of an employee’s annual salary, whereas total costs of replacement, including training and loss of productivity, can range from 90% […]