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Video Interviewing: Will It Kill the Face to Face Interview?

Imagine a scenario where a recently graduated college student in search of employment begins applying here and there hoping to land a job interview.  After several months of no success, she decides to set up and complete an automated video interview and send it in to employers in whom she is interested.  A hiring manager […]

Update Flash Player

Today, Adobe has released a critical security update to flash player. The update closes a security hole that is actively being exploited. Everyone should update to the latest version of Flash Player at as soon as possible. If you are using Google Chrome you should be notified to update Chrome automatically. For users on […]

Rejecting Job Candidates: How Long Do You Really Need?

When a job candidate applies for a job he or she has several opportunities to be rejected.  First they might be rejected by the applicant tracking system, within seconds I might add, simply because the program can’t find within the candidate’s resume, keywords related to the job for which the candidate is applying. A candidate’s […]

Motivating Employees: The Lessons We Learn from Flappy Bird

If you have no children you probably know little about Flappy Bird, a supposedly insanely addictive app available for mobile devices which was removed from Google Play and iTunes in February by the developer.  At the time of its removal the app had been downloaded at least fifty million times and was generating an estimated […]

Brave Enough To Admit the Worst Thing You Have Ever Done At Work?

I can’t recall anything monumentally wrong I have ever done at work.  I can recall at least one time that I accidentally emailed personal insight about a job candidate intended for the hiring manager’s eyes only instead to the candidate.  I was a little embarrassed when I saw the candidate’s confused reply unexpectedly pop in […]

XP is dead! Long live Windows 8 (and 7)

XP is dead, long live Windows 8 (and 7)! Next month, in April 2014, Windows XP will reach its end of life.  This means no more security updates, no more bug fixes, and every malware writer on the planet will be watching updates of later versions of Windows to find exploits that won’t be patched […]