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Video Interviewing’s Hidden Benefit: Destroying Prejudices

I will skip over the standard praise for video interviewing (faster, cheaper, more revealing) that dominates the majority of the posts about the subject and get right into a secret power video interviewing has that is beneficial to both employers and candidates.  Video interviewing can destroy our preconceived notions of a job candidate and that’s […]

5 Ways We Make A Good Or Bad First Impression According to Research

“You only have one chance to make a good first impression.”  This statement, while thrown around casually, is truer today than we previously suspected according to science. Recent research explains how we are helping/hurting our chances of landing a job, securing a promotion or even getting a date.  Here are a few of the findings.

Content Overload: Are We Really Providing Value?

Take all the data created from the beginning of man, every scroll, painting, book and scrap of music, up until 2003, digitize it, and you would have around 5 exabytes of data.  Five exabytes equals five billion gigabytes!  That’s really a lot of data!  Amazing though that may seem, even more surprising is the fact […]

Facial Coding: What Is It and How Can It Help You Hire?

Last year Hire-Intelligence released a study on video interviewing which suggested a hiring manager could predict a job candidate’s future work performance by viewing that candidate’s behavior and appearance through a video interview.  Similarly sports franchises such as the Milwaukee Bucks have turned to the science of facial coding to help them draft better prospects […]