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Resume Mistakes: 32 You Are Possibly Making

Every week I see a new post about resume mistakes.  Some have five tips, others have seven, one I saw listed twenty-two and another author labeled their mistakes as “Mega”!  This particular post, on Business Insider, was apparently so important or popular that they published and re-published it nine times over a three year period.

Does Your Prestigious Diploma Determine Your Success?

According to a recent report by Payscale, students graduating from one of the Ivies or more prestigious technical institutions will over the course of their lifetime earn far more in career earnings than students who graduate from lesser respected institutions or “party” schools.  This on average is true but perhaps the Ivy diploma lends less […]

If Exit Interviews Are So Important, Why Not On Video?

The advantage of the exit interview for departing employees is that you can learn so much more about the current state of morale at your company than from present employees who are too fearful to vocalize their criticisms. True, ex-employees who are disgruntled may be overzealous with negative feedback, but overall exit interviews can provide […]