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5 Reasons You’ve Been Asked to Complete A Video Interview

Recently, after applying to a job, you may have been surprised to receive an email requesting that you complete a video interview.  A bit bewildered, you follow the instructions, log in, and discoverJob candidate staring at phone that your webcam and not another person, will be interviewing you online!  As a video interviewing provider, we occasionally receive calls from our customers’ applicants inquiring about what they should expect once they start the video interviewing process.  Because these candidates confuse us for the hiring company, some ask why they were requested to complete a video interview rather than engage in a phone screen or face-to-face.  Following are a few reasons why you the job candidate has been invited to complete a video interview.

The recruiter/hiring manager wants to learn more about you – Getting to know the job candidate is of course the primary reason for any type of interview.  A video interview allows the hiring manager to review the candidate’s responses multiple times and share with colleagues.  This process expands the candidate’s exposure to the hiring team and permits the hiring manager to make a more informed hiring decision.

The recruiter/hiring manager has little time – Phone screens are time intensive.  Scheduling a phone screen alone may require ten to twenty minutes with an additional twenty to thirty added in for the interview.  A phone screen may also be inconvenient for both the candidate and hiring manager’s schedules.  The video interview allows the candidate to complete at their convenience and the hiring manager to review at theirs.

The video interview is more cost-effective – The cost of paying an individual to phone screen dozens of job candidates a week is higher than the cost of employing an automated video interviewing system.

The recruiter/hiring manager needs to reduce time-to-fill – Talent, as always, is in demand but even more so these days with more job openings available to in-demand talent.  According to some estimates, top talent remains on the market for only ten days.  Studies by Aberdeen Group show that companies using video interviewing were 2-3 times more likely to improve their time-to-fill and cost-per-hire.  Video interviewing enables hiring managers to invite, evaluate and collaborate on candidates quickly so that the candidate may be transitioned to the offer phase in minimal time.

The recruiter/hiring manager wants to expand their hiring pool – Video interviewing enables the hiring manager to both hear and see the candidate’s energy level and enthusiasm for the opportunity just as they would during a face-to-face interview.  This enables the hiring manager to interview viable candidates all over the country without bearing the travel costs associated with bringing a candidate in for a face-to-face.  Casting a wider net increases the chances to secure top talent.

As a video interviewing vendor, we never suggest that video interviews should replace the in-person interview.  Our goal is to reduce the hiring pool to a manageable number of qualified candidates in whom the hiring manager has confirmed their interest via video.  At this point, they can quickly identify their company’s next great catch which of course could be you!

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Ryder has more than 10 years of experience working with retained search clients as a search professional. As a pioneer of Interview4 he has great knowledge of video interviewing. He writes about all things hiring and looks forward to engaging with his audience on topics of leadership, recruiting, candidate screening, and employee satisfaction. Follow him on Twitter: @hireintelligent and @cullison1

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