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5 Reasons Why Hiring Managers and Recruiters Hate You!

No of course they don’t hate you, the job candidate, anymore than a diamond miner hates the diamonds he finds.  But a diamond miner probably hates the process and at times while he’s looking for one precious stone he may despise all the other rocks getting in his way, especially the ones falsely posing as diamonds.

A hiring manager, recruiter or HR professional knows how that diamond miner feels.  They approach the hiring process with optimism but as their inbox becomes flooded with bits of shale, granite, and pyrite, they grow frustrated.  Their frustration turns to weariness and their weariness turns to inattentiveness and resentment.

As a result of their disdain for all the other rocks, they often mistreat or ignore the true diamonds that make their way to them.  In other words, their diamonds, that is to say their superstar candidates, are being treated with as much displeasure as common road asphalt on a July day in Georgia.

Here’s why they hate you, job candidate, and why you are ruining the hiring process for everyone else.

1. You apply to their jobs for which you aren’t remotely qualified!  Fifty percent of job hunters don’t possess the skills needed for the job to which they are applying.  Did you know that in 2011 Procter and Gamble had an average of 500 applicants for each open position?  How would you like to be in that HR department sifting through hundreds of rodeo clowns and part time illusionists who have applied to be the Director of Cosmetology?  This is why companies have turned to machines to sift through the multitude of resumes and pick off the proverbial conveyer belt what they perceive to be diamonds.  The problem is machines don’t see very well and even good candidates are chucked into oblivion.

2. You know very little about the job to which you’re applying!  Hiring managers take time out of their day to interview you and ask you a simple question such as, “Why should we hire you?”  In reply you regurgitate a series of “well umms” because you don’t really know why.  In fact you barely know anything about the company at all because this is one of twenty to which you have applied in the last three days!

3. You’re too good for the process!  Yes I understand you might be a superstar and that back in the day you didn’t have to take a behavioral assessment or do a video interview.  But back in the day HR didn’t have to sift through an army of privates applying for the position of captain.  Now they have to somehow screen through the battalion of posers to find who is really qualified.  So pretty please, with sugar on top, take the interview!  Putting up a few hoops through which to jump helps HR determine who is really interested and who is just flirting, which brings me to point number four.

4. You aren’t actually interested!  I’m talking to you superstar!  The recruiter contacts you and you feign interest at first, but then allow three to four days to pass before you respond to follow-up emails citing your busy schedule as an excuse.  When you come back around you pretend to like us again but then go cold for another three or four days before coming back again with promises to take our pre-screening assessment.  Like children with a school yard crush we keep pursuing you and you keep stringing us along until one day, despite our repeated attempts and salary offers, you stop returning our calls and emails!  It’s not like I’m sensitive about this or anything.

5. You leave after six months!  This is why some recruiters have such disdain for candidates on the whole.  The candidate comes on board then leaves after six months.  Did you know it is going to cost their organization as much as $25k to $50K to replace you?  You’d better believe they are carrying some of that baggage called resentment with them into the next hiring process.  And that resentment could affect how they treat other legitimately interested candidates.

If you read my recent post, 6 Things Hiring Managers Don’t Get about Recruiting, you’ll understand that not landing the job isn’t entirely your fault.  Many of you are victims of an imperfect system clogged with granite, pyrite and shale that you poured into it when you applied for that job you’ll never get.  And the more you clog it up the more you ruin it for candidates trying to work the system the correct way.

Do HR professionals and recruiters really hate you?  Of course not.  They just don’t like job candidates very much.

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Ryder has more than 10 years of experience working with retained search clients as a search professional. As a pioneer of Interview4 he has great knowledge of video interviewing. He writes about all things hiring and looks forward to engaging with his audience on topics of leadership, recruiting, candidate screening, and employee satisfaction. Follow him on Twitter: @hireintelligent and @cullison1

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