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6 Reasons Why Your Job Candidates Are Not Completing Their Video Interviews

As a video interviewing provider, we see video interviewing completion rates at all levels among our customers.  For some customers we may see completion rates as low as fifty percent while others experience  exceptional completion rates that exceed ninety percent.   We often see varying rates of completion among different recruiters hiring for the same job at the same company.  Recruiters who follow-up with candidates enjoy greater completion rates than those who do not. The attractiveness of the opportunity also plays a role with higher paying, more rewarding jobs often securing high rates of completion.  The socio-economic status of the candidate and their ease of access to technology also influences rates.

In the earliest stages of your hiring process, completion rates may remain low, but don’t fear, plenty of reasons exist why your candidates have yet to complete their video interviews.  Here are a few common obstacles:

They didn’t see the invitation.  Depending on how the email was sent; from your address or from the system’s, the candidate’s invite may have dropped into the junk/spam folder.  Either that or they saw the email, didn’t recognize its importance, and ignored it.  This is why follow-up is so impactful!  Also, a good video interviewing system sends reminders out to candidates.  If the candidates didn’t catch the invite the first time, your success improves with the reminder.  Additionally, some vendors allow users to use their own mail server protocols to send the candidate invite through their mail servers and thus increase mail delivery success.

The candidate is waiting until its convenient.  Note, the convenience of an interviewing system is that it allows you to review candidate interviews at your convenience but also allows your candidates to interview themselves at their convenience.  Automated interviews permit candidates to interview from the privacy of their homes after work hours.  Convenient for them may be at 3:00 a.m., especially if they live in a time zone hours behind yours.  You may have to wait until the morning to review the candidate’s interview but delivering a flexible interviewing experience is worth it.

The candidate had an emergency.  As a video interviewing provider, we often receive requests from candidates to extend their interview time.  One candidate may have had a baby, one may have lost a loved one, or one was caught in a storm and they lost power.  There is a myriad of good, natural reasons a candidate failed to make the deadline.

The candidate doesn’t have the technology.  Most candidates have access to a laptop with built-in webcam or a smartphone but some don’t.  That’s okay.  They can complete the interview on any borrowed device.  The interview is not left behind but stored on a secure server.  Suggest to the candidate they use a library or friend’s device.  If they don’t have one, they are bound to know someone who does.

The candidate doesn’t want to take it.  The candidate saw your email, has the technology, but just isn’t interested enough in the opportunity.  If a candidate is unwilling to complete the video interview, they probably aren’t a good fit for your position.  Not completing a video interview is a screening process in and of itself.

The candidate is taken.  Competition for talent is high.  Candidates are interested in your opening one morning but taking an offer from another company that afternoon.  While video interviewing allows you to interview and evaluate candidates quickly, many are already in the final stages of a competitor’s hiring process before you even send the invite.  Video interviews require little time and effort on your part compared to phone screens and so a wider net can be cast and more chances can be taken on evaluating your marginal, “maybe” candidates.

Depending on the industry and region in which you are conducting video interviews, you may see completion rates ranging from 50-90% with high rates accomplished through diligent recruiter follow-up.  Automated video interviews reduce scheduling hassles, allow candidates to interview themselves and reduce time-to-fill but they can’t do all the work for you!

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