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Interview4 Job Candidate Assessment Tests

The Hire-Intelligence AT

The Hire-IntelligenceAT (“Adaptive Testing”) is our proprietary cultural-fit behavioral test based on employment screening work honed over 20 years of professional executive recruiting by Hire-Intelligence staff.

The assessment has been used to screen and successfully hire thousands of employees for clients in many countries. Applying its adaptive algorithm, the test tailors the questions to the individual’s responses.

The Hire-IntelligenceAT has been evaluated for validity, reliability and adverse impact.

The Hire-Intelligence Conscientiousness Test

Conscientiousness is one of the factors most predictive of job success. We can economically test your candidates for this important attribute.

The test has been evaluated for reliability and validity.

The Hire-Intelligence Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive ability is the mental skill set required to carry out tasks. Not a measure of actual knowledge, but rather the ability to pay attention, learn, remember, and solve problems.

As you might expect, research shows that cognitive ability is correlated to job performance. High scoring individuals, however, may be more prone to job turnover.

The test has been evaluated for reliability and validity.