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How to avoid hiring Charlie Sheen

Unless you’ve been in outer space in the month of March, at least one news story about the train wreck called Charlie Sheen has reached your ears.  Once what seemed like a dandy hire for CBS, soon became a publicity horror show when news of Sheen’s repeatedly bizarre and questionable behavior hit the airwaves.  Sheen’s character on his popular but only slightly less worse than Full House, sitcom, Two and a Half Men, was a morally questionable but lovable uncle and brother.  As it turns out, his real life persona is so much worse.   Apparently despite Sheen’s past history of womanizing and drug use, he won CBS over during the interview process by showing up not as Mr. Hyde but as Dr. Jekyll.  Now that Sheen’s crazy alter ego has emerged and all sense of Sheen’s self-preservation has dissipated, CBS has been forced to fire him to avoid a further stain on their network.  What does this mean for CBS?  A loss of millions on a long running and profitable sitcom unless they can find a suitable replacement for Sheen.

Charlie Sheen is an extreme example of what could happen to your organization if you hire the wrong person.  Not all bad hiring decisions will be this costly but it pays to know who is walking through your door before they sit down.  Is it Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?  How do you know?  Is your standard interview question of “Tell me your strengths and weaknesses really going to be effective here?”  How do you think Charlie Sheen would respond to that question?  Do you really think he would answer honestly?

More and more organizations are turning to the use of behavioral assessments to determine a candidate’s potential on the job behaviors before they are hired.  Most assessments provide in-depth interview guides containing questions not commonly asked during a traditional interview.  These open-ended questions, adapted to the candidate’s personality, are designed to get the candidate to reveal a great deal about themselves.

So before you hire your next Charlie Sheen, consider doing a little testing.

Ryder Cullison

Client Relationship Manager, Hire-Intelligence

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