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Law Students Prove They Can Argue

According to US News & World Report, it seems a new trend is starting among law firms.  Frustrated by superficial interviews, law firms are trying out new interviewing techniques that can more easily help interviewers tell a good candidate from a great one.  One example of this is the firm Pepper-Hamilton in Philadelphia, where they […]

How to avoid hiring Charlie Sheen

Unless you’ve been in outer space in the month of March, at least one news story about the train wreck called Charlie Sheen has reached your ears.  Once what seemed like a dandy hire for CBS, soon became a publicity horror show when news of Sheen’s repeatedly bizarre and questionable behavior hit the airwaves.  Sheen’s […]

Job interviewing: Relax and be yourself!

When you interview for a job it could be because you are out of work or are trying to secure new employment that will in some fashion improve your life. Either way you may feel a sense of pressure during the interview to behave in a manner you believe your interviewer will find most acceptable. […]

Conduct A Better Interview – Behavioral Interviewing

Behavioral interviewing is not new. Since the 70’s managers have heard that behavioral interviewing will change the way they hire. It is somewhat surprising then to find so many people doing it poorly. One part of behavioral interviewing is asking a candidate how or why they have done something in the past. The assumption is […]

How your company can hire more effectively: IV

Welcome to the fourth and final part of how your company can hire more effectively. You’re not the only fish in the sea! Don’t assume your candidates, especially the good ones, have not already received job offers from other interested companies. If you do not treat them with respect and keep them apprised of where […]

Conducting A Better Interview – Quick Tips

Over at American Banking News they have a great article with tips for conducting more successful interviews. They suggest three basic strategies for conducting a better interview. First, let the interviewee talk. People hate long silences, resist the temptation to fill a lull in the conversation instead give the candidate an opportunity to fill the […]

Online Recruitment At KFC Saves Time And Brings Better Employees

In an article over at HR Magazine David Woods discusses the success KFC has had in rolling out a new online recruiting system. KFC estimates it has saved its managers 16.2 years worth of man-hours since the chain began testing in 100 of its stores in the UK and Ireland. There is a great quote […]

Conduct A Better Interview – Uncomfortable Questions

Over at the Wall Street Journal, blogger Alina Dizik has written an article on dealing with uncomfortable interview questions. It seems many candidates are surprised by the types of questions and situations that are presented to them during interviews. While candidates might not perceive this a beneficial, it is a good thing for both the […]

Criminal Minds – Preventing Acts Of Greed In Your Business

In a two part article Allan DeKaye discusses 5 types of greed and how they play out in the healthcare industry. Although this article deals with healthcare specifically, his observations apply across disciplines. Undisciplined Greed relates to an individual who is not interested in profit, but wants to satisfy curiosity. This includes reading of others […]

Overqualified Does Not Equal Job Hopper

With unemployment closing in on 10% the job market is flooded with great candidates. This presents an excellent opportunity for companies to grab some really great talent. Unfortunately I have seen many candidates rejected because they are overqualified. While I am sure there are some instances in which this is just a convenient brush off, […]