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Video Interviewing: Forget the Other Tips! Here’s the One You Really Need!

Last week I sat in a conference room with a search client presenting video interviews of four job candidates to my client’s President, CIO and VP of Human Resources.  All four candidates had taken an automated video interview during the preceding days and I sat poised to save my client’s time by breezing through the […]

6 Ways to Tell if a Robot is Coming for Your Job

Technology has had a major impact on human labor for centuries.  For example, Pony Express Rider doesn’t exactly have a bullet next to it on the list of “hot jobs”. Robotics is one of the more recent technological “revolutions” that has impacted the American workforce.  Some suggest that the stagnation in middle class wages is […]

The Free Market Mostly Doesn’t Work for Healthcare

I recently visited my doctor for an annual checkup.  His practice had recently computerized their records.  As he was going through my medical history he started laughing.  Perturbed, I asked him to explain.  He said “of all my patients no one has had nearly as many diseases and conditions as you, particularly the unusual stuff.” […]

Establishing Trust: The True Beauty of Video Interviewing!

If you are in sales I am sure you have heard the mantra that people buy from people they like.  Successful selling is not always a matter of superior features and benefits but is rather the result of building a rapport with the buyer.  Getting people to like you is gained by looking them in […]

4 Things Candidates Need to Know before the Big Interview!

As a job candidate, to have more success in landing a job you need to understand what it is the recruiter/hiring manager really wants to know.  Recent surveys of recruiters, search professionals and so on suggest that there are only four main questions to which hiring managers want answers: Can you do the job? Will you like […]

Looking for a Job? 7 Biases Choking Your Chances!

Looking for a job?  Your super-duper resume, your academic pedigree, your pristine video interview, your years of experience and your vast list of gratuitous references count for little against the hiring manager’s bias. What bias you say?  Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s nothing personal, it’s just good business.”  Yeah that usually happens in […]

Manufacturing Output is Great, so Why is the Manufacturing Workforce Shrinking?

I recently had occasion to take a look at the state of industrial employment in the United States.  From the perspective of total employment the story looks pretty grim — great grist for the doom and gloom media mill.  The following graph shows that industrial employment peaked in the U.S. in 1979.  In fact, according […]

Discrimination in Hiring: Why Some are in no Rush to Fix It.

“Fear of a Black Planet” is the name of a critically acclaimed rap album by American duo, Public Enemy released in 1990.  Does anyone remember it?  I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Chuck D and Flavor Flav busting their rhymes on this album but the title struck a chord with me recently. […]

Who’s responsible for Job Fit, the Job Candidate or the Company?

Recently I read a post entitled “What Do You Get from a Job besides a Paycheck?” which discussed various questions a candidate should consider before taking a job.  Here’s a quick list of the author’s suggested considerations.        Does this role provide the opportunity to develop my career?       Are the company’s values and philosophy in line […]

What percent of your employees are going to leave in 2012?

In 2010 nearly 900 high potential employees were interviewed. Twenty-percent said they planned to leave their employer in the next 12 months.  Are one in five of your best performing employees ready to bolt?  Could it be an even higher percentage?  One reason so many top performers consider leaving, according to the same survey, is […]