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Culture misfit results in high attrition

In a blog over at Marshall Goldsmith discusses the high rate of executive turnover in today’s business environment.

“Over 64% of new CEO’s (whose data is most readily available) fail to make it through their fourth year in their job, while 40% are gone in 18 months.” –Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall makes some excellent points about company culture and job fit. He maintains that these executive “casualties” are not incompetent, rather they have a different set of core values from the company as a whole. Employees will not trust someone who doesn’t share their values, and they will not follow someone they don’t trust.

Marshall urges for everyone considering a promotion or move to do three things.

  1. Understand your own personality by taking behavioral assessments.
  2. Observe the culture of the team or organization you are looking into.
  3. Verify your observations with contacts who have experience with the team or organization.

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