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Dating and Recruiting: How are they similar?

What is dating really other than the agreement of two people to begin the process of getting to know one another in an informal atmosphere to determine if interest enough exists to move forward in a relationship?

What is recruiting really other than the agreement between two or more people to begin the process of getting to know one another in a formal atmosphere to determine if enough interest exists to move forward in a relationship?

Sound pretty similar don’t they?  With dating however you have two people putting on their best face and doing their best to attract the other.  Perhaps the man opens the car door for the lady, pulls her chair out at dinner, and does his very best to be charming and funny.  The woman on the other hand tries to look her very best and laugh at his jokes.  Either way, each individual has a goal to present themselves in the best possible light whether they agree to move to the next stage or not.

In recruiting however, one individual, the candidate, does his best to impress the employer, while the employer, often taking for granted the candidate’s value, explains the candidate’s tasks necessary to complete to move forward in the relationship.  This is much like your date telling you, “If you want a relationship with me your responsibilities will be as follows: you have to open the door for me at all times, buy me dinner, take me to the movies, buy me ice cream afterwards, pick up my brother from the local bar on the way home, and send me flowers the next day.”  How enthusiastic would you be about a job like that?  Yet that is what employers often do.  Not realizing they are in competition for top talent with their competitors, they spew out with bullet points all the candidate’s responsibilities.  But guess what, this candidate has value and they will take their talent elsewhere if you don’t try to court them in the same manner in which they court you.  List the benefits of working for your company not just the duties.  Yes, you might have to pick up my brother from the local bar but don’t worry, he can score you Knicks tickets!

To really attract top talent, companies need to realize they aren’t the only ones with something to offer.  To keep good candidates from looking elsewhere they have to offer more than just a date, they need to offer a good time!

Ryder Cullison


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