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Dating at work; Good idea?

According to a survey of 2,000 U.S. workers, 59 percent say they have had an office romance but around 30 percent say it affected their personal or professional relationships with others.  Despite this 65% would be willing to do so again.  Is this a good idea?

Well if they are married and carrying on with a co-worker who is not their spouse then “yes” this is definitely problematic.  Adultery in the workplace should never be tolerated because once it is revealed, all sorts of distractions are created that can effect your worker’s productivity.  Nothing distracts a man or woman more than an offended spouse on the warpath.  How much money do you think divorces amongst their workers cost companies in lost productivity and absences from work each year?  According to a 2006 study, employees in failing relationships cost companies 6.8 billion dollars a year.

If they are single a problem still exists?  If the two work closely in the office and an eventual break-up causes friction between the two then this could prevent them from working effectively together.  Can management prohibit office romances?  Probably not and who has the time to enforce it?

Why do people do it?  The answer is obvious.  When you work closely with someone day in and day out with no time to develop personal relationships outside of work, dating a co-worker makes the most sense.  Thirty-three percent even admit to having a tryst in the office and four percent have admitted to getting caught.  The survey doesn’t define “tryst” but I don’t believe 33% have risked pulling a George Constanza at work though I’m sure it happens.

What do you think?  Are office romances a problem?

Ryder Cullison


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