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Hire-Intelligence releases a self-Interviewing tool that allows job candidates to pre-screen themselves!

A good deal of buzz has been generated recently about the use of two-way video in screening candidates. Companies are now looking to employ video conferenced interviews with candidates to save money on travel costs. The only problem is, the hiring manager still must take time out of their day to interview a candidate who may or may not be suited for the job. If the candidate is unsuitable then the interview is essentially a waste of the manager’s time. What if you could take this process one step farther, eliminate the interviewer from the first round, and allow the candidate to interview themselves?

On Aug. 24th Hire-Intelligence, LLC introduced Video-View™, a revolutionary, online solution to prescreening job candidates. Interview4™, which is the latest in Hire-Intelligence’s suite of products and services designed for the human resources industry, offers employers, recruiters and search firms the benefits of interviews recorded and delivered over the internet. Interview4™ is a proprietary self-interviewing tool that allows candidates to answer a number of pre-determined interview questions online over a personal computer using a webcam. Interview4™ provides built-in candidate management which allows employers to quickly and easily keep track of job candidates. Job candidates use their computer and a webcam to answer questions pre-selected or customized by employers. The candidate’s responses are recorded and immediately uploaded to Hire-Intelligence’s secure video servers for the hiring manager’s review. After candidates have completed their Interview4 interviews, employers can review their videos at any time from the Interview4 site.

Save on Travel Costs Share with colleagues
Review multiple times
Eliminate unecessary follow-up interviews
Easier to schedule than a phone screen
More revealing than a phone screen

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