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Hire-Intelligence Announces New Video Interview Format That Showcases Job Seekers

Gloucester, VA (PRWEB) October 05, 2012

Hire-Intelligence, a provider of web-based productivity tools for hiring, announces the release of version 3.0 of Interview4, the online video job candidate screening and interviewing tool. The Interview4 web-based video interviewing solution provides organizations with an effective and efficient way to screen job candidates. Research shows video provides much more human insight than other non face-to-face methods. Employers gain the comfort of knowing more about candidates and their potential as employees prior to the face-to-face interview. Other benefits of using Interview4 include reduction of scheduling hassles, time and cost savings in the hiring process, and the ability to conduct and make more informed, better hiring decisions using video.

In addition to the original recordable Virtual and Live Interview solutions, with the launch of Interview4 Version 3.0 Hire-Intelligence adds a third interview solution, the “Showcase”. The Interview4 Virtual Showcase is designed to help candidates put their best foot forward. Job candidates receive the “interview” questions in advance of recording their interview and are allowed to re-record their responses to each question.

“Our original versions did not allow the candidate to see the questions in advance nor was the candidate able to re-record their responses,” explained Hire-Intelligence President Jim Robinson. “Our original virtual and live webcam interview tools were designed to provide an interviewing environment that emulated a face-to-face interview. In a traditional interview candidates don’t get the questions in advance and they can’t hit rewind to re-answer a question they might have flubbed. But some of our clients wanted more flexibility and a broader range of interview capabilities, so we are giving them that with the new Showcase option. Interview4 continues to provide our clients with an easy to use and flexible, time and money saving way to screen candidates in advance, or even as an alternative to the face-to-face interview.”

Now that Interview4 version 3.0 offers three interview options, users will have to decide which interview approach best fits their hiring situation. Recruiters and executive search consultants in particular expressed interest in a showcase format. Additionally, with unemployment still high, Hire-Intelligence wanted to contribute its efforts to helping candidates connect as positively as possible with employers.

Perhaps one of the greatest improvements to Interview4, besides the showcase solution, is the improved video quality. Lead Hire-Intelligence developer, Justin Dalton explained, “Video resolution has doubled in quality. Not only that, but we’ve spent countless hours working on the candidate experience to make Interview4 both welcoming and easy to use. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done here to improve the experience for both our corporate clients as well as job seekers.”

Additional features include the ability for managers to share their custom question sets with other managers, which previously was not possible. This greater flexibility allows for more collaboration among users of the system. Also managers and recruiters may share only relevant parts of a candidate’s interview with their colleagues or clients, saving review time as they can focus on the most relevant responses. All of these enhancements further Hire-Intelligence’s commitment to hiring productivity, including a full-featured yet flexible video interviewing tool.

About Interview4
Interview4’s recordable online virtual and live video recruiting and interviewing solutions efficiently streamline the hiring process by giving hiring managers and decision makers three different video platforms by which to thoroughly pre-screen candidates anywhere prior to a face-to-face meeting. Using Interview4’s multi-platform technology, hiring professionals are better informed and better armed with knowledge about a candidates’ potential. While significantly cutting the time and financial costs associated with the process, this innovative technology bridges the gap between the resume and that first face-to-face meeting, enabling hiring managers to more effectively pre-screen unsuited candidates out of the in-person hiring process so they may focus on meeting with the best candidates.

About Hire-Intelligence
Hire-Intelligence (H-I) is a human resources technology company that creates online productivity tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring process. The founders of Hire-Intelligence have over 20 years of experience in the human capital management world, including the use of video in screening job candidates since the 1980’s. This knowledge of the human resources and recruitment landscape informs all of the hiring tools H-I offers. The Hire-Intelligence portfolio currently includes the Hire-Intelligence AT (Adaptive Behavioral Assessment), Hire-Intelligence CTS (Communications & Skills Test Suite) and Interview4 Video screening and interviewing application. In its quest to improve the productivity of the hiring process, H-I is hard at work on additional software tools. Hire-Intelligence has home offices in Virginia and New York and services all categories of clients both in the United States and abroad.

About The Author

Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and has extensive management and consulting experience. He managed a team with worldwide product, sales and support responsibilities at AMF before becoming an independent business consultant in 1996. Along with David Propis, he co-founded Hire-Intelligence, LLC in 2011 and today serves as CEO of the company.

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