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Hire-Intelligence Unveils New Video Interviewing Features at 2012 HR Tech Show!

Hire-Intelligence LLC recently attended the HR Tech Conference in Chicago to exhibit the new features and benefits of Interview4, Hire-Intelligence’s video interviewing platform.

Whitney Guest Sisler discussing Interview4

Video interviewing’s popularity has grown dramatically over the past year as many organizations looking to maximize their recruiting efforts have turned to video interviewing to hire more efficiently and at less cost.  A recent survey of over 500 managers by OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half, revealed that 63% of managers have used video interviewing in their hiring process compared to only 14% from a year ago.  This dramatic increase is attributed to increased awareness about the benefits and features of video interviewing as well as increased acceptance.This was Hire-Intelligence’s second year exhibiting at the show and a great deal has changed in terms of people’s awareness of video interviewing as the survey results above suggested.

Whitney Guest Sisler, Hire-Intelligence’s Business Development Director and Mike Summers, the VP of Recruiting and Business Development for Hire-Intelligence’s technology partner, The HR Group, spoke to numerous executives and hiring professionals during the two day event.  “The awareness of engagement in video interviewing has sky rocketed in just this last year.  The people we spoke with not only knew exactly what video interviewing was but they were keenly aware of the benefits,” remarked Whitney.

Mike Summers agreed.  “Most visitors were fairly knowledgeable about video interviewing.  They were less knowledgeable about the various functions available in the system.”

Mike Summers demonstrating Interview4

Interview4’s newest differentiator is aimed at improving not only the experience for executive search individuals but also for candidates.  Interview4 now offers an optional function to allow candidates to answer the questions posed to them on screen more than once.  This enables them to put their best foot forward by answering each question until they nail it thus not only putting the candidate at ease but also allowing recruiters to better showcase their prospects.  Of course with Interview4 companies can allow candidates to answer each question only once so a traditional interview is simulated.

Most video interviewing solutions however offer the same basic technology, the ability to conduct a live or automated video interview over the web and the majority provides the ability to record.  This is where the real time savings come into play as managers can review the video over and over at their convenience and share with other colleagues.

“Most visitors asked about the differences between our technology and those of our competitors,” commented Mike Summers.  “The two things we referenced most were ‘flexibility’ as we are a small company compared to our competitors and our ‘price.’  Being smaller we can react and adjust whereas our competitors will not or cannot without significant cost.”

Though many competitors share similar features a definite theme is emerging in the video interviewing space as it is in others and that is the ability to go mobile.  Many video interviewing providers are trying to leverage their solution by offering it on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.  “Although we didn’t hear it from attendees at the show, the show consensus is that the real winners will be the companies that are not only in the mobile market but “all in” mobile,” explained Whitney.

Mobile is a hot topic but the debate about allowing job candidates to conduct a job interview over such an unstable device as one’s iPhone continues.

So what are the main concerns about adopting video interviewing?  “The “how and “when” to implement was one,” commented Mike Summers.

“Not surprisingly the conversation always comes back to pricing and workflow integration,” added Whitney.  “Will we really see a drastic reduction in costs?  Can you deliver the customization that fits my workflow and my brands’ needs?”

And their answer to that last question?  A resounding “yes”!

*Congratulations to Tara Shadden of Walgreens who won this year’s Hire-Intelligence raffle.  Hire-Intelligence is looking forward to giving out many more prizes at next year’s HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.




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