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How to recruit with Social Media

Recently I attended a very cool webinar and virtual expo held by the American Marketing Association. The agenda of the seminars focused mainly on successful means to market your brand and remain in touch with your customers through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. While I admit to having both a Facebook and Twitter account to stay in contact with friends, I knew little about how to employ these social services for the benefit of our business.

With the advent of Twitter, Facebook, and the more business oriented Linkedin, I began wondering how to harness these social networks and reach out to millions of job candidates.

In her article, “How to use Social Media as a recruiting tool” Tiffany Black lists ways to use Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter to reach potential job candidates.

  • You may post jobs in Facebook’s Marketplace for free however you can’t target it towards a specific group of people
  • Create a Corporate FB page and post your jobs in the news feed for your followers to see.
  • Similarly, create a Twitter account. Amongst posts for your products you can also “Tweet” about open job positions.
  • Linkedin allows you to purchase postings for a small cost, however you can post your job openings in your Network Activity for free. The added benefit is you can check out a candidate’s Linkedin profile if you find a suitable one.

In addition to advertising your open positions, social media is a great way to review your candidates. By reviewing your candidates’ Linkedin and Facebook profile not to mention their Twitter posts, you can get a good sense of the type of candidate you might be hiring.

The real challenge to effectively using Social Media as a recruiting tool is getting your Corporate profile and Tweets in front of those actively seeking work. In other words, your posts and Tweets are no good if no one is reading them. More on that later.

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