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How your company can hire more effectively: III

Part III
Save the Hiring Manager’s time!
One issue with recruiting, particularly by an HR dept., is that they do not know enough about a position to effectively screen candidates, especially for highly technical positions. Overworked HR departments simply scan resumes for key words. The resulting outcome is a number of hiring managers who get pushed into interviews with unqualified candidates. Time spent by the hiring manager interviewing unqualified candidates is time away from managing the business.

Obviously one of the more popular forms of pre-interview screening is the phone screen. Phone screens can eliminate candidates before they come into the office. Positive aspects of phone screening are they are very affordable, easy to execute and quick. Negative drawbacks are they must either be conducted after hours or the candidate must possibly leave work or take the call over their lunch break. This tends to put the candidate in a rushed, un-relaxed state.

Another way of presenting themselves that candidates are taking advantage of is the use of video, specifically video resumes. Many hiring managers are looking to video as a more thorough means of qualifying candidates. The main drawback to video resumes is that recruiters or hiring managers, rarely have the time to watch them. Most struggle with just getting through all the paper resumes. A better alternative would be a video interview. In comparison to a video resume, a video interview has the candidate answer questions related to their work experience or requirements of the job. Some video interviewing tools such as Interview4 allow the recruiter to upload custom questions and skip through the recorded interview by jumping from question to question. This allows them to quickly scan the interview and determine if there is enough genuine interest to bring the candidate in for a face-to-face. Obvious pros are the recruiter can see the candidate and their energy level. The company can save greatly on travel costs. There are no scheduling conflicts since the candidate can take the interview after hours anywhere an Internet connection is present. As a result, the candidate is less rushed and more at ease. Additionally the recorded interview can be shared with colleagues thus eliminating the need for multiple interviews. Often good candidates are lost during a long drawn out recruiting process, as they entertain offers from your competitors.

I’ll wrap it all up next week with the last part in this series, “You’re not the only fish in the sea!” Until next time.

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