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How your company can hire more effectively: IV

Welcome to the fourth and final part of how your company can hire more effectively.

You’re not the only fish in the sea!
Don’t assume your candidates, especially the good ones, have not already received job offers from other interested companies. If you do not treat them with respect and keep them apprised of where they stand in the recruiting process, then you risk losing them to another company who might appear more eager to hire them. Just as you want a candidate to have a high interest level in your opportunity, the candidate in turn also wants you to have a high interest level in them. Many superstar candidates have egos and want to be wooed.

You’re not an experienced interviewer!
Have you ever asked these questions, “Tell me a little bit about yourself,” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Odds are you asked these questions because they were once asked of you. These questions have been asked and answered many times but asking the same questions over and over does not necessarily make you a skilled interviewer. Candidates, especially those who jump from job to job, are skilled at answering these canned questions and often provide in return, canned responses. Behavioral assessments that offer behavioral interview guides provide questions based on the candidate’s personality. These are questions you may not think to ask during a traditional interview and are designed to get the candidate to reveal more about themselves than accomplished during a traditional interview. For example rather than asking a strength and weakness question, you may ask a candidate who tested as particularly confident, “What if anything do you believe you could not accomplish?” This is a question a candidate most likely has not heard before and they will answer it in kind but with an unprepared response. Similarly you may ask a candidate who tested as rebellious, “When would you tell a customer less than the whole truth?” Open ended questions such as these force the candidate to open up about themselves during the interview.

Conducting an effective interview is the hiring manager’s chance to evaluate the candidate and make a final, informed hiring decision.

Your goal when recruiting is not just to advertise an open position but to promote your company. Attracting top talent for any position is your goal. Screening candidates effectively with either skills or behavioral assessments is necessary but you must also respect the candidate’s time and move the process quickly. Ensuring you save the hiring manager’s time with good pre-screening measures such as phone screens or more revealing video interviews saves your organization money. Conducting behaviorally based interviews enables the hiring manager to learn more about the candidate than they would in a traditional interview.

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