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If Exit Interviews Are So Important, Why Not On Video?

The advantage of the exit interview for departing employees is that you can learn so much more about the current state of morale at your company than from present employees who are too fearful to vocalize theirexit-387227_640 criticisms. True, ex-employees who are disgruntled may be overzealous with negative feedback, but overall exit interviews can provide valuable input.

A recent post on TLNT, “The Four Benefits Of Conducting Exit Interviews” discusses these benefits in more detail. The article points out the following:

  1. They are cost effective
  2. You get more accurate points of view
  3. It’s an opportunity to uncover the real work environment
  4. They can increase retention

The article indicates that exit interviews take time and effort to be done right however if you have jumped on the video interviewing bandwagon to improve your hiring cycle why not use video interviews to improve your exiting cycle as well? One big issue with exit interviews, as stated in “You Need to Stop Going Through the Motions On Exit Interviews”, is that many professionals don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to administering the exit interview. The author suggests this solution: “A secure link to an exit interview module based on your company’s specific needs means that the departing employee can answer exit interview questions in relative anonymity.”

With video interviewing you could send the candidate a secure link to a set of questions customized by a qualified HR professional that are based on the specific job or area for which the departing employee was responsible. Each departing candidate for a given job would answer the same set of questions and thus a structured exit interview is accomplished. Furthermore, because the interviews are recorded, the candidates’ answers can be compared with one another. Ideally from that an accurate picture of your company’s weaknesses and strengths will come into view.

Now of course some candidates may be reluctant to share their honest views especially on camera for fear they will be burning a bridge with their former company. A good practice would be to create a brief video explaining the purpose of the exit interview which departing employees could watch prior to providing their responses. This video if done properly would convey to the employee that they have the opportunity to improve the organization even upon their departure.

While all this may seem like a lot of work it actually isn’t. Customizing questions within a video interviewing portal is fairly simple and once in place, as many employees as you wish can answer your structured exit interview at a time convenient for them.

Now it is time for me to exit. Please let me know if you’d like to submit your comments via video.

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