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Is Workplace Likeability really that important?

New Flash everyone, evidently being likable can get you hired over someone not so likable and even further your career. Does this sound obvious to you? Well being likable is a trait that escapes many including yours truly. Whether you’re a hiring manager or a job candidate, read on to find out why this trait is so important.

According to “The Likeability Factor” by Tim Sanders, being likable is more important than confidence because people gravitate towards others who create a positive emotional response in them. According to a USA Today article, being disliked can undermine the effectiveness of colleagues working together and alienate customers. In fact likeability is the “tie-breaker” to almost anything, even skills. Managers would rather work with someone less skilled and likeable than someone who is competent but alienates their co-workers. As a result some companies have placed less focus on competencies and more on determining the likeability of their employees. The idea is that if someone is lacking a specific skill set, they can always receive training but the ability to be well-liked is not a talent that can be taught.

One CEO went on to mention he won’t hire anyone perceived to have an attitude and now goes the extra mile to determine the candidate’s personality.

Gauging a job candidate’s likeability by looking at their resume or even simply listening to them on the phone is going to be difficult. Obviously interviewing them face-to-face is the best option, but then hiring managers run the risk of spending a lot of time interviewing candidates they know right away are not likeable. A good method to determine in advance if candidates possess adequate enthusiasm is to use pre-screening tools such as a behavioral assessment or even a video interviewing tool. Both tools will give you greater insight into the candidate’s personality prior to committing valuable time to interviewing them. Behavioral assessments will lend insight into a candidate’s on the job behaviors and a video interviewing tool will allow you to better determine the candidate’s enthusiasm and interest in your opportunity.

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