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Job Fit Increases Job Satisfaction & Employee Loyalty!

Paul Studebaker, Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Plant, an online information resource and community dedicated to advancing the sustainability of manufacturing and other industrial operations recently posted an article discussing the key performance metrics companies use to measure the success of their initiatives.  Paul went beyond profitability, noting “many companies are setting targets and tracking their accomplishments in corporate social responsibility and employee health, job satisfaction and turnover.”

Companies who make it a goal to maximize job fit have employees who “are measurably more loyal and productive.”  Studebaker cites the case of SKF, the huge bearings manufacturer, who saw their employee base shrink during the recent deep recession, but now have grown it back to even higher levels of employment.  “I’ve never yet seen a company be proud about how many people it can keep gainfully employed. Quite the opposite: companies are rewarded for reducing employment.”

How do companies achieve job fit in hiring to increase job satisfaction and decrease turnover?  According to a recent study as reported in Rocket-Hire,  “A majority of respondents use some form of testing or assessment and feel it is a valuable part of the hiring process.”  Job candidate assessments, and new technologies like video screening and interviewing, are improving the engagement between employer and job candidate, with the result that both will make better informed hiring decisions.

We all know how far in the hole we are vis a vis job creation.  The “Great Recession” saw 8.75 million jobs lost.  Building new jobs back at a rate of 100,000 a month translates into 7 years just to get back to where we were, not taking into account growth in the workforce.

In a time where all we hear about is the need to “create jobs” to fix the broken economy, those jobs are going to match up an employee to an employer.  How much better and more sustainable if the goal of that “match” was job fit, and if job fit was the focus from the very start of the hiring process?

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Jim Robinson holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and has extensive management and consulting experience. He managed a team with worldwide product, sales and support responsibilities at AMF before becoming an independent business consultant in 1996. Along with David Propis, he co-founded Hire-Intelligence, LLC in 2011 and today serves as CEO of the company.

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