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Hire-Intelligence Introduces Interview4 Online Video Job Interviewing

January 24, 2011, Gloucester, VA – Hire-Intelligence, LLC is seeking to make it easier to hire great employees. Interview4, their online video interviewing tool, allows candidates to essentially interview themselves online with their webcam from the comfort of their home. Upon completion, hiring managers can quickly screen through the candidate’s recorded responses and determine if there is enough interest to bring the candidate in for a face to face interview.

Jim Robinson, President of Hire-Intelligence, said that Interview4 is a game changer in the world of hiring. “Interviewing job candidates, whether by phone or in person, takes a lot of time to schedule and a lot of time to perform. All that effort often leads to discovering within the first five minutes of the interview that the candidate is not a great fit for the job. That’s why online video screening with Interview4 makes a lot of sense. The time savings alone makes it an effective solution, but the ability to see more candidates, and to identify the best candidates earlier in the hiring process, positively impacts not just the cost, but also a company’s quality of hire.”

Time savings and the elimination of scheduling hassles are primary reasons why Tom Eley, President of EPC, LLC and the original founder of Hire-Intelligence, uses Interview4 in his recruiting practice. “In the executive search business delivering quality candidates to your clients quickly is a must. Interview4 allows me to source and interview candidates outside my client’s geographic location then deliver the recorded interviews right to their inbox for review. This process saves my clients time and money, plus it sets me apart from my competitors.”

When you factor in the travel related costs of flying in candidates, Interview4 reduces an organization’s hiring expenditures even more. “The ability to interview candidates outside of your geography is not only cost effective but helps organizations hire top talent by expanding their hiring pool,” added Robinson.

In addition to the virtual one-way solution that allows candidates to interview themselves, Interview4 also provides a live two-way solution that enables hiring managers to directly interact with the candidate. In both instances the interviews are recorded.

Ryder Cullison, Client Relationship Manager for Hire-Intelligence remarked, “The ability to record the interview is key. Many conferencing tools such as Skype allow for online interviews but don’t allow the administrator to record the candidate’s responses. Having a recording allows the hiring manager to share the candidate’s interview with their colleagues. Interview4 also allows the interviewer to set markers in the video which make reviewing the video interviews easier. It’s like Skype on steroids.”

Other vendors are popping up in this industry but Robinson welcomes the competition. “Video interviewing is an emerging technology and our competitors help drive awareness. The team at Hire-Intelligence has been using video for hiring since the mid-eighties, and has been working on Interview4 for more than two years. Our goal at Hire-Intelligence is to provide organizations with a tool that’s so affordable and so beneficial they can’t help but give it a try! Most HR departments are overworked yet tasked with finding top talent quickly. Interview4 allows them to improve both their time to hire, as well as their quality of hire.”

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Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and has extensive management and consulting experience. He managed a team with worldwide product, sales and support responsibilities at AMF before becoming an independent business consultant in 1996. Along with David Propis, he co-founded Hire-Intelligence, LLC in 2011 and today serves as CEO of the company.

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