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What Do the Oscars and Video Interviewing Have in Common?

If you’re into movies as I am, you eagerly anticipate every year not only who will win an Oscar but even who gets nominated.  The Oscars, much like your interview process, is all about choosing the best of the best and we enjoy identifying that person.  Each actor, much like a job applicant, is trying to win you over with their superior acting skills and every year we clearly see some performances are better than others.

The Academy, the group of men and women who whittle down the year’s hundreds of performances to a select five in each category, have an advantage most hiring managers do not.  They get to see and hear the actors in advance via video!  Now in many instances voters have already seen the movie in which the actor performed.  However, to ensure that each actor gets fair consideration the Academy sends out a DVD of each nominated performance and asks the Academy voters to choose who is best.  This ensures that on some level each performance has an equal chance not only to be watched but to be evaluated repeatedly so a well informed decision can be made on who deserves the golden statue.

So what does video interviewing have in common with the Oscars?  Well if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that video interviewing is a means to interview candidates over the web via a two-way live solution or a one-way automated solution which allows candidates to interview themselves.  Video interviewing provides many benefits, one of which is the ability to see the candidate in advance to determine if they are good enough to bring in for a face to face interview.  A recorded video interviewing solution allows you to screen through the candidate’s responses and compare those of other candidates, much in the same fashion that Academy voters can compare performances.  Video interviewing allows you to choose the best of the best!

Narrow down your candidate search, then review each candidate’s video interview (performance), compare with other candidates’ video interviews, then decide who gets the interview.  We’ve observed this process play out for years with the Academy Awards and yet why have organizations not thought to apply it to their own hiring processes?  How easy is it to identify the top performers in each category and even choose who gets the Oscar when we can watch their performance as we always have with video?  Couldn’t choosing job candidates the same way be just as effective?

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  1. April 10, 2012 at 5:22 am

    if they already have your apolicatipn, dont bring anything.if you dump all this miscellaneous stuff on them, they wont pay any attention to it. Chances are, they will tune out, or their focus will be shifted to skimming what you have given them instead of interviewing you.exhibiting a reliance on written material does not look professional.

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