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The Oh So Many Paths To Success

We all want success but for all those who have achieved it, monetary/career success continues to elude most of the populace who continue comparing themselves to the best and brightest.  Business Insider’s careers page provides loads of information on how best to position yourself for success. So many paths to success are presented that inevitably following one of them seems more probable than improbable.  Is success so easy to achieve?  Here are a few suggestions.

“6 morning routines that are hard to adopt but will pay off for life.”  The assumed “pay off” here is success of course.  Wake up early, exercise and work on your side hustle are three of the six suggested routines.

Consider this article, “6 body language tricks that are hard to master but will pay off for life.”  Again, as with the previous article, six hard to adopt/master suggestions are provided that will increase success “for life”!  These tips are as simple as walking with purpose and energy, maintaining good eye contact and sitting up straight.

Now perhaps the shortest path to success is to emulate others who have succeeded, which is why we often see articles like this, “15 books Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk think everyone should read.”  Bezos and Gates are presently the two richest men on the planet and Musk, our reality’s version of Tony Stark, creates cars that drive themselves and rockets that land on their own.  Perhaps if we wake up early, read one of their suggested books and sit up straight while doing so, we too will amass a fortune. 

Perhaps not as beneficial, Business Insider provides, “What successful people like Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos eat for breakfast.”  I think the purpose of this article was not to suggest that copying the eating habits of successful people would generate success but rather to entertain those who care how unhealthy Warren Buffet’s diet truly is.  Eggs and yogurt are go-to breakfast items among the elite but oddly Gates and Musk usually skip breakfast so now I’m completely flummoxed.

I recently returned from Thanksgiving holiday so I’m comforted to find this post, “6 things successful people do when they return from a long weekend.”  Please note that this is the third list that provides six suggestions so if you are creating a blog post of helpful tips, I submit that six might be the magic number. 

Lastly, I bring you to, “How 8 of the most successful couples in the world first met.”  This article and the one detailing the rich and famous’ breakfast habits, demonstrates how fascinated/obsessed we are with the fabulously wealthy.  This article of course won’t in any way provide success unless of course it inspires you to meet and marry a successful person.

In my post, “Success: What Achieves It? Hard Work or Talent?” professor of psychology Angela Duckworth suggests that a combination of passion and perseverance (grit) contribute more to success than intelligence or talent.  I’ll wager too that grit also trumps body language and breakfast food but this doesn’t suggest we can’t also advance ourselves by mirroring the behaviors of our wealthy brethren. 

Success, in the end, is relative.  If you measure your success against the bank accounts of Gates, Sandberg, Musk or Jack Ma, a sense of inadequacy will always follow.   To feel fully accomplished define success on your terms, not on the standards admired by the media.

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